Titicaca Lodge Peru isn’t anything traditional that everyone had before...

The business begins thanks to two people who started their adventure in tourism as companions since they were very young. They decided to pursue the goal of creating something unique within the competitive world of tourism, which is why they use their adventure personalities to travel on different paths to work in different luxury Hotel companies to observe and learn about their operation systems and contribute to them.

The passion for the service led them to create Titicaca Lodge Peru to be the pioneers in the business of an alternative luxury style in Lake Titicaca.

No doubt we’re people who are very passionate about personalized service as adventurous entrepreneurs. With the aim of continuing to conserve the traditional community by creating employment for the family through coexistence and support in education to floating schools to live in sustainability with the community and children and encourage them to follow their dreams paddling to school.

For this we have several activities and excursions to live closely our traditions where we can meet the needs that you bring with you and we do everything possible to make sure to satisfy your expectations. Titicaca Lodge Peru is located on a floating island at the Uros Islands in Peru.

The owner’s family lives and grew up on a floating island their whole life, trying to we work hard on education to become Official Tourism Guides in Lake Titicaca.

The reason why we became Tourist Guides is for having grown up on a floating Island with many travelers from around the world, which woke up in us the ambition to learn about hotel service and travel throughout Peru and Lake Titicaca.

The brothers grew up on a floating island and being in the middle of the Titicaca makes us happy, as we sit on the seaside’s of our island looking at Lake Titicaca surrounded by nature and a sky full of stars without lightning pollution in a night where silence and the beauty of the nature lead us to the zenith of inner peace. For us, any place can be magical in archeology, but nothing is better than being in the middle of nature, in contact with water; and having grown up on a floating island which mother language is the native Aymara languages, and then learned Spanish and English with the travelers, which we call our brothers and second family.

In the Titicaca Lodge Peru family, we are all indigenous people living on a floating island. The experience that each guest will have is very close to our way of life, learning about flora and fauna, daily life, geography, history and astronomy.

Our goals

  • Continue living in sustainability with the environment
  • Teach about our local culture and our ancestors
  • Being a 100% local Business
  • Support our local community